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5 janvier 2009



Catalonian legendary and creative DJ Raph Dumas is back on the road delivering a new bunch ofoutstanding 7’inch singles. But he’s not alone: The Primaveras was a dance orchestra that used to rock dance floors on the Mediterranean coast during the fifties and sixties. Today, the grand children of original members of the band have gathered old tapes and joined Raph for new vinyl adventures. This first record of this series is a double A-side floor-filler: « Trip » is the ultimate happy tune of the year with powerful brass stabs and uplifting arpeggios action, definitely to be played at the peak of the night. On the flip, « Weekend » is a kind of psychedelic northern soul groover, using a not so obvious 80’s R’N’B vocal sample for rhythm craze on top of killer drum-breaks, with also multiple effects layers for great vintage energy… Exclusively made for the digital release, Manuel Perez has supplied a kicking bonus version of « Weekend » consisting of an extended and very effective re-edit, taking the original theme to a raving level, adding analogue keys and a vibrating bass line…

Professional DJ for 15 years, former owner of a specialized record store, entrepreneur and event promoter, label manager, music producer and arranger, remix and recording artist, sound designer, stage performer, Raph Dumas is on the case again as band leader. He remains true to his favourite instruments: a pair of decks and a Theremin. After creating Enjoy and Lace imprints some ten years ago – the first independent dance labels in the area of Catalunya – Raph has produced club classics like « Chicken Beats » or « Sarturday » (aka Baby Doll) and been involved in many fusion live and recording acts like Dumas & Chartron, Dumas & Barrachina or Jazzamix (with sax maestro Alex Augé). His magic tricks also led him to remix artists such as Hakan Lidbo or Spiro Projecto, as wellas he has released countless mixed compilations. More recently, he has recorded with famous musician Pascal Comelade and co-produced Renaud Papillon Paravel’s third album (also with him on stage).

According to his background – he has been driving all kinds of scooters everyday since he was ayoung boy, and grew up with soul, jazz and funk before to get into hip hop and house in the earlynineties – this important release is setting a new evolution in Raph Dumas’ music career. Watch out for next outputs and live gigs, time has come for refreshing entertainment and joyful vespa rides…


title « Trip/Weekend » ENJ010

release date July 2008

track listing

  1. Trip (original)
  2. Weekend (original)
  3. Weekend (Manuel Perez rework)


  • Written and produced by RaphaelDumas.
  • Performed by The Primaveras.
  • Published by Deepart.
  • (3) post-produced by Manuel Perez.
  • Artwork by Raph Dumas and Renaud Paravel.
  • All rights reserved, a Marendadisc production.

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