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24 janvier 2009



A few weeks later after the release of « Senegal » single, the legendary Hakan Lidbo is back on Enjoy Recordings with an outstanding and catchy mid-tempo radio friendly dance track : « Moon and Stars ».

Such a release should not be a surprise from an artist such as Hakan who has experimented with success all genres of modern dance music – from the most avant-garde electronica projects to real glamorous disco-house – that he has released on the best labels worldwide through the last decade…

« Moon and Stars » has also been written and performed by Swedish-French vocalist Alvina Red whose name has been around for a few years: she is a respected song-writer and singer known for great recordings that have been handled by talented producers like Pawel Kobak, Martinez, Dan Curtin or Jori Hulkkonen.

She is currently working on an album project for French label Marendadisc.

A couple of years ago, the demo version of « Moon and Stars » have been the object of an international remix contest won by Parisian tech-house young wizards Uninvited Partners, also known for their brilliant « Pyramide » single released last year on Deeplay Soultec. Deep-tech-dub oriented DJ’s will be delighted with this spacey version of the song.

Another version has also been supplied by South French deep-funk duet Labulo (also working with labels like Eklektik, 121 Records in France or Pork in the UK). Their remix proves that soft lyrics and fat funk bass-lines can be combined in harmony. Their highly appreciated production skills and their futuristic vision of pop music turned the song into a peaceful yet groovy masterpiece.

A radio edit, an extended club mix and dub mix version will also find their way in many play-lists.

artist/project HÅKAN LIDBO & ALVINA RED

title « MOON & STARS » ENJ014

release date January 2009

track listing

  1. Moon And Stars (club mix)
  2. Moon And Stars (Uninvited Partners remix)
  3. Moon And Stars (Labulo remix)
  4. Moon And Stars (dub mix)
  5. Moon And Stars (radio mix)


  • Written and produced by Håkan Lidbo and Johanna Forsstrom.
  • Published by Container / Misty music.
  • Guitars by José Barrachina.
  • (2) post-produced by Nicolas de Susini and Sylvain Serval.
  • (3) post-produced by Jérôme Hoffmann and Julien Valette.
  • Edits and mastering by Manuel Perez.
  • Artwork by Joakim Persson.

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