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29 janvier 2009

LEGAL DISKO – Need A Beat / Jam Is Pumping


Mid-late eighties was a brilliant time in terms of evolution in modern dance-music and club-culture, also thanks to the introduction of affordable sampling- machines and other electronic instruments misused to great effect by creative DJ’s from the days.

With obvious references to that period, Legal Disko has delivered two floors fillers basically created as a joke: « Need A Beat » and « Jam Is Pumpin » are taken from an exclusive collection of tracks of that kind to be released on Enjoy Recordings over the next months.

With some serious sample action, pumping house-beats, fat bass-lines, wild effect-modulations, crispy analogue synths, uplifting string-pads and repetitive gimmicks, both « Need A Beat » and « Jam Is Pumpin » (and their dub versions) will be strong tunes to play whatever dance-floor you will be facing.

This double A-side single brings back some flavours that new crowds as much as experienced clubbers will understand and appreciate. No pretentious attempts of creating a trend, and no need to follow another one, so let’s just have a party… And don’t forget to turn on the strobes!



Track listing

  1. Need A Beat (original)
  2. Jam Is Pumpin’ (original)
  3. Jam Is Pumpin’ (machines dub)
  4. Need A Beat (deep disco dub)


  • Sampled, tweaked and produced by Manuel Perez.
  • Published by Gekko Music.
  • Artwork by Joakim Persson.

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