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25 mars 2009

MAX CHERRY – Beat Conductor


Enjoy recordings releases another dance-floor candy for the pleasure of all crowds. Max Cherry’s debut release is a cross over pumping track where he managed to great effect to blend-up some disco-breaks, retro bleepy sounds, sampled vocals action and jazzy chords.

DJ Janoz (from the « Famille » French electronic label) and Raph Dumas remix brings in some funky bass-line uplifted by eighties analogue stabs over a chest bouncing kick, intended for proto-disco sets.

Spanking beats, synthetic disco bass-line, modulated delays and paddy layers are the ingredients of Manuel Perez’ remix, with additional TB303 wobbling hypnotic lines on his bonus Acid dub version.

After being an active promoter of Enjoy and Lace record labels in Paris, Max Cherry, together with his mate Esteban, decided in 2004 to launch their own label: Vicky Productions. In the beginning of 2005 Vicky’s 2nd single reached the second position of the « Dance charts » in England.

After developing further skills in music making and record promoting, Max Cherry stays now focused on his own productions for Vicky ; working on the side for eclectic projects such as Hektor (an electrorock band he’s a part of) and Full Clip ( Hip-hop duet with MC Spike that is preparing his first album out in early 2010). His last production: one track « We love » and one remix for the hip-hop and house collective « Rouge à Lèvres » consisting of Disiz La Peste, Grems and IVromain. Those tracks are included in the album « Démaquille-toi ».

On the club scene, Max Cherry pays tribute in his mixes to all his musical influences, from brazilian beats to jazz through rock, funk and electro, in a permanent search of originality. He’s, since recently, associated with another DJ, Franck Garcia (Flying Buzz) for a hi-energy 2 desks performance that should make some buzz in the months to come.



Track listing

  1. Beat Conductor (original) 06:18
  2. Beat Conductor (DJ Janoz vs Raph Dumas remix) 05:13
  3. Beat Conductor (Manuel Perez remix) 06:26
  4. Beat Conductor (Manuel Perez acid dub) 05:39


  • written and produced by Maxime Bassole.
  • mixing and edits by Manuel Perez.
  • 02 post-produced by Jean-Noël Lloze and Raphaël Dumas.
  • 03 and 04 post-produced by Manuel Perez.
  • Published by Deepart. Artwork by Maxime Bassole.


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