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5 mai 2010

Brice Bertran aka Killersounds

Catalan native born in Perpignan in the mid seventies, Brice Bertran was raised in an environment of music and entertainment thanks to his father Yves Bertran who was the leader of the “Star System” pop-rock, R’N’B and soul orchestra where his mother was also involved as a vocalist.
Brice Bertran is often nicknamed “Magic Ears” also due to a very long experience in music creation:
He got his first synthesizer when we was eleven and could get started working with chords and harmonies to great effect, and later on with the help of an Atari computer and a Cubase sequencer.
Five years later, he got involved in “Scenario”, a hip hop project inspired by US acts like “The Pharcyde”, “The Roots” or “A Tribe Called Quest”, and he wrote the year after most of the instrumental material for “Suave Minds” which lead him and his two brothers Yves and Lionel to get to work in professional studios.
In 1998, Brice joined the international sound-engineer school SAE where he could perfect his recording and mixing technique. Soon after he was hired by French TV channel France 3 and worked as perch man and sound editor for several movies and shows. It is also during the same period that he started producing some house music.

In 2001 he met Raph Dumas and Manuel Perez and joined the Lace Recordings, Enjoy Recordings and Marendadisc artist roster, getting involved in several productions and also releasing the highly acclaimed “Waiting Lounge” recorded with jazz-guitar hero José Barrachina. Brice Bertran has also remixed a number of artists such as Hakan Lidbo, Martin Venetjoki, P18 or Sinclair.
Further on he recorded and produced projects like Beatmaker or Rouge A Lèvres, while working with labels like Vicky Productions, Undercover/Naïve, Ascetic Music or Deep-Hop Music. Under the Killersounds moniker, he has worked with hip hop legends such as DJ Steady, DJ Tajmahal, DJ Gero and even DJ Duke from the famous French act Assassin.
More recently, Killersounds has remixed « Enlève Tes Talons » by hip-house act Le 4Romain & Libre Penseur (True Flav Records) while Brice Bertran released on Enjoy Recordings the soulful anthem “I Wish” performed by Valérie Brochard and remixed by Physics and Pilooski.
Still contributing to many club projects like with Max Cherry and Franck Garcia, and still involved in the South French hip hop scene working with new recordings for Unité de Valeur, He is also very much into Latin vibes : Brice is currently working on a project with Brazilian singer/guitar player Osvaldo (member of Moleque De Rua).

discography, remixes & contributions

  • Hakan Lidbo /  What Is Love / Enjoy Recordings
  • Brice Bertran & José Barrachina / Waiting Lounge / Marendadisc
  • Martin Venetjoki / Obstinat Kartell / Enjoy Recordings
  • Dumas & Chartron / Devoir De Vacances / Lace Recordings
  • Beatmaker / Besoin d’Amour / Beatmaker
  • Kohndo / Blind test / Ascetic Music
  • Max Cherry & Esteban / EP1 + EP2 / Vicky Productions
  • Kohndo / Microphoné Et Sans Holster / Ascetic Music
  • Rouge A Lèvres / Maquille-Toi ! / Deep-Hop Music
  • Quinze / Formaté + Madame / Animama Prod.
  • Rouge A Lèvres feat. Disiz Lapeste / Carte À Puce / Deep-Hop Music
  • P18 / Emi Alado / Tabata Tour
  • Rouge A Lèvres / Démaquille-Toi ! (album) / Deep-Hop Music
  • Le 4Romain & Libre Penseur / Enlève Tes Talons / True Flav Recordings
  • Brice Bertran feat. Valérie Brochard / I Wish / Enjoy Recordings