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11 mai 2010

HAKAN LIDBO feat EMMA – What Is Love (volume2)




Classic Alert!!! This is a digitally re-mastered release of an Enjoy Recordings favourite.

Back in 2002, Swedish musical chameleon Håkan Lidbo and Stockholm based singer Emma Holmgren created gorgeous mid-tempo cover of Howard Jones’s « What Is Love ».

Emma has also worked with the likes of Zoo Brazil and Bacuzzi. « The One », which she released with Laid aka Zoo Brasil, was covered by Australian pop star Kylie Minogue. Her vocals have graced releases on labels such as Loaded, Airtight, Stealth and Plastic City.

Håkan Lidbo and Emma’s version of « What Is Love » set the world alight in Scandinavia, with the song reaching the national pop charts in Sweden and being licensed to various compilations worldwide. It also appeared on Lidbo’s Hackney To Caracas album that surfaced in 2003 and was recently made available again by Enjoy Recordings.

In addition to Lidbo’s 2002 versions and remixes by Brice bertran, Manuel Perez, Raph Dumas and José Barrachina (volume 1), a new bunch of remixes updates Håkan Lidbo feat. Emma’s « What Is Love » for the start of a new decade. These new mixes shed new light on a classic record and are released on the same day as a remastered reissue of the original package from 2002. Martin Brodin offers a startling big room take, whilst Killersounds go for a cool funked out escapade. Brice Bertran brings us a deeper house revision with heaps of percussion and José Barrachina opts for an acoustic guitar driven excursion.  The new remixes complement the original revisions and will help to take this excellent cover to a wider audience (volume 2).


Ralph Myerz « NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will play lots of mixes from this one!!!« 
Rocco « Really nice Ep !! Nice deep soul vibes. So many good mixes.« 

Aaron Carl
« I remember the original, but WOW.. this version really brings it back to life! I LOVE the stripped-down feel of Manuel’s remix. I will definitely play this!« 
Johnny Fiasco
« Slammin soulful support on this one! »
Michael Fossati
« Lovely selection of mixes to choose from this beautiful cover of the Howard Jones classic.« 
Sammy Rock «  This is a very nice re-release, a beautiful vocal sung by Emma with soulful implications and the gorgeous guitar riff is perfect.
Kazuumi Ishii
« Yess, Hakan Lidbo did a great job. I really love the original. Beautiful. »
DJ Lady D « Yummy! She sounds like Tracey Thorn and that’s a good thing! Killer batch of mixes, versatile!



Track listing

1 – What Is Love (Martin Brodin remix)

2 – What Is Love (Killersounds remix)

3 – What Is Love (Brice Bertran afrosoul remix)

4 – What Is Love (José Barrachina bossa)

  • Raph Dumas & José Barrachina remix This version from Dumas and Barrachina is perfect for deep and soulful audiences.  Spirited keys, a funked out bass and live guitar theatrics work wonders on this mix.
  • Brice Bertran soulful remix Brice Bertran’s soulful version will suit backrooms and versatile record spinners. Beautiful mid-tempo grooves are created by sparkling keys, fat beats and a succulent bass-line.
  • Manuel Perez remix Manuel Perez takes Håkan and Emma onto deep and techier floors with a cool key driven mix. Firing beats, reliable synths and Emma’s sweet vocals meet behind those magical keys on Perez‘s cool mix.
  • Original version Håkan Lidbo and Emma’s stunning cover of What Is Love is an outstanding midterm effort. Emma questions the nature of amorous attraction over grooving guitars and polite beats on this blissful track.
  • Martin Brodin remix Deeplay boss Brodin supplies a dark take on What Is Love for big room floors. Moody synths, hefty stabs and a swirling bassline sit behind Emma’s questioning vocals on this anthemic remix.
  • Killersounds remix Under his Killersounds guise, Brice Bertran drops a cool new midtempo take for bars and funked up floors. The beats move along nicely, the synths provide the groove and cool keys add an extra dimension.
  • Brice Bertran afrosoul remix Under his real name, Bertran offers a layered percussive mission for deeper house floors. Emma’s gorgeous vocals show the power of affection over effortless keys and steady percussion on Brice‘s second revision.
  • José Barrachina bossa unplugged José Barrachina takes the track to a completely different dimension, with his sweet Bossa Unplugged version. Barrachina lays an understanding acoustic guitar under Emma’s loving vocals on a mix that is perfect for quieter moments.


  • Written by Howard Jones. Vocals by Emma Holmgren.
  • Produced by Håkan Lidbo for Container Recordings.
  • Published by Warner Chappell