Commentaires fermés sur ALVINA RED & MANUEL PEREZ – Palm Strings

11 mai 2010


“Palm Strings” is an outstanding modern electronic production by Alvina Red and Lace mainstay Manuel Perez.

This is another excellent outing for Lace Recordings, which follows on from Pawel Kobak’s solid 9966 EP and the brilliant revivalist acid house grooves of Bonnie Drasko’s Acid And Fresh EP. It is a slow burning technoid effort, full of mystery and intrigue. Influenced by the original techno sounds of Detroit and a more musical tradition, “Palm Strings” is a magical instrumental composition. On this release, the original is backed by a sublime house version named Orchestra Dub, and the tougher Machines Dub.

  • Original: In original form, Palm Strings is a mesmerising technoid effort. Watery keys and a reverberating bassline sit behind the breathtaking strings on the original version.
  • Orchestra Dub: The Orchestra Dub is a gliding house version. Here, the beautiful strings are laid over calm chords, animated keys and simple beats.
  • Machines Dub: The Machines Dub is a darker affair. Sickening acid, quick fire percussion and a huge bassline do the damage on this mix.


Rob Warner « Nothing to say here but: Wow, outstanding!« 
Laurent Garnier « Very musical indeed. Will play everywhere!  »
Hakan Lidbo « What a tune!!! The original is just amazingly futuristic. Well done!
Dean Serafini « I think this is one of those tracks I’m going to love with time… »
DJ Lady D « This is an excellent release. All the different treatments of the song are radical considering what’s being released today. Love the composer’s edge on the original, the house effect on the dub and the acid touch for the machines mix… Magnifique!
Sammy Rock « Here we have something weird,unique and obscure.A very electronic affair with nice strings and dark beats that only those with an open-mind can comprehend.I’ve been feeling these different styles of music other than the norm.If you enjoy Gino Soccio or any track with that flava,then you will enjoy this package »
DJ Morpheus « It’s really excellent!
Carey Glyn (Scrap Processors) « Now this is a beautiful piece of music! Palm Springs is a multifaceted masterpiece. It proves to be true to the roots of techno. It has that timeless Detroit sound in which we give a nod to original creators of splendid imagery. I will be playing all of these mixes



Track listing

  1. Palm Strings (original)
  2. Palm Strings (orchestra dub)
  3. Palm Strings (machines dub)


  • Written and produced by Johanna Forrström and Manuel Perez.
  • Published by GekkoMmusic.
  • Artwork by Joakim Persson.
  • All rights reserved. A Deepart production.


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