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9 juin 2010

HAKAN LIDBO feat. YOTA – Love To Me (vol.1)



Håkan Lidbo is no stranger to Enjoy Music. Most recently, What Is Love resurfaced on the label, remixed by a host of electronic acts such as Martin Brodin and Brice Bertran. Lidbo’s Hackney To Caracas album was also reissued by Enjoy, a number of years after its original outing on Wrong Steps. Love To Me is an awesome mid tempo vocal escapade that is worthy of both the pop charts and the clubs. It is available in four different versions, suitable for a range of musical situations, and more remixes will follow later this summer.

A musical chameleon and workaholic, Håkan Lidbo has released hundreds of records over the years that have spanned various genres. He has used colourful aliases such as Bobby Trafalgar, Ho Shan-Ling Bu and Miss Bombay 1974. Lidbo’s tunes have appeared on many labels such as Paper, Poker Flat, Loaded, Tongut and Morris Audio. He has produced music for Yello and remixed the likes of Lisa Shaw, Ennio Morricone, Depeche Mode, Fever Ray and Fatboy Slim. Lidbo’s music has appeared in adverts, TV programmes, films, computer games and even a ballet. Lidbo also hosts a radio show on Swedish national radio entitled Ström and organises the Voltfestivalen. Lidbo has even created Xoiiox, a music based game for the iPad and the P2Ström iPhone application.
Yota is a Stockholm born songstress, who is currently based in France. She began working with electronic music producers in the late 90s, hooking up with Scandinavian dance royalty such as Martin Venetjoki, Håkan Lidbo and Zoo Brazil / Laid. A talented writer, Yota has penned songs for major labels that have included Universal. Over the years, she has worked with the likes of Alan Braxe, Stonebridge and John Dahkback, recently releasing a number of tracks with French don Lifelike.

  • ORIGINAL is a cool electronic number, featuring groovy synths and inviting vocals.
  • CLUB MIX uses warm bass effects and purring synthetics to create a revision for the dancefloor.
  • DUB MIX drapes selective vocal elements over magical keys and simple beats.
  • RADIO EDIT is a neat version for moments that demand a shorter edit.


Captain Random « Wow! This is a funky release. Sweet vocals!« 
Paul Hamill (Psycatron)  « Lovely! Will play on radio! »
Dean Serafini « 
Deep, eclectic and moody… And did I say rather tasty! »
Nick Fiorucci (Hi-Bias) « G
reat mellow lounge track! »
The original is so fucking sick! if only there was an acapella… Wow! Very cool and slick.« 
Michael Fossati « 
Sexy vocals, sweet melodies and a laidback groove: nice. »
Ralf Gum « 
Deep sexy summer vocal tune! »
Q-Burns « 
Wonderful original version here. Club mix is quite nice as well.« 


Track listing

  1. Love To Me (original)
  2. Love To Me (club mix)
  3. Love To Me (dub mix)
  4. Love To Me (radio edit)


  • Written by Jotta Hautanen and Hakan Lidbo.
  • Produced by Hakan Lidbo for Container Recordings.
  • Published by Container Publishing.
  • Artwork by Joakim Persson.
  • All rights reserved. A Deepart production.


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