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21 juin 2010

DJ MOURAD – Plink Plank EP



The Plink Plank EP from DJ Mourad is an exciting three tracker of technoid grooves. DJ Mourad aka Mourad Sliti grew up in Tunis and currently resides in Sweden.

He began DJing in the mid 80s and by the 90s was making his own tracks that have appeared on labels such as GForce, Wallshaker or Selekta.

He has often contributed to the Lace catalogue before – as the third member of  the family project Tunis Diaspora with his brothers DJ Nabil and DJ Dali, also remixing Hakan Lidbo, Pawel Kobak, Alton Miller, Aqua Bassino and Manuel Perez –  and makes a welcome return with this EP.

  • PLINK PLANK is a key driven stormer. It features layered percussion, throbbing bass work and of course cool keys.
  • I ALWAYS KNEW is a more serene affair. Purring synths, steady beats and angelic keys provide the magic here.
  • FOREIGN CARPENTERS is an acid stomper. The track takes its strength from sturdy beats, gurgling acid and reliable keys.


Rob Warner « Madness! Loving ‘Plink Plank’ big time. »

Andrew Duke « Awesome! »

Sam Labelle « Wow, I love these tracks. A real intriguing production. All three tracks are in my playlist! »

Dean Serafini « I’ve always found that Mourad’s work defies strict definitions and crosses musical boundaries. There’s certainly plenty to apreciate in this EP with all the tracks making a positive impression from the outset. »

Desy Balmer « DJ Mourad rocks! Deadly EP. Full Support! »

Sammy Rock « Dj Mourad delivers a one-two punch with an eclectic release. Spacey keys and deep beats is what makes this E.P special. A great combination of instruments is delivered in this package. Full Support!« 

DJ Morpheus « Really like all 3 tracks in here! Top stuff! full support!« 

Aaron Carl « I’m playing this HEAVILY… Straight-up, for to the floor… Deep and techy at the same time , but with some CRAZY twist that dares the DJ to step outside the box. Excellent!« 



Track listing

  1. Plink Plank (06:34)
  2. I Always Knew (07:14)
  3. Foreign Carpenters (06:02)


  • Written and produced by Mourad Sliti.
  • Published by Deepart.
  • Artwork by Joakim Persson.
  • All rights reserved. A Deepart production.


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