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21 septembre 2010

MARK O’SULLIVAN presents ARTIST IN RESIDENCE : MUK1 (feat. Patrik Hellberg)




Mark O’Sullivan of DK7, The Mighty Quark and Mark & John (alongside John Dahlback) fame brings us MUK1, produced with Patrik Hellberg.

This record was inspired by a youth project Mark is involved with in Stockholm, his current city of residence.

  • Original: MUK1 is a cool musical effort with grooving synths and soft pattering beats.
  • Manuel Perez remix: Manuel Perez provides a tougher version with more highly defined beats, fattened synths and cool key sweeps.
  • DJ Mourad remix: The beats are more pedestrian, the bass is more mysterious and dubby keys make an appearance on Mourad’s remix.
  • Goaz remix: A watery bassline, submerged beats and lost vocals do the work on the Goaz (aka DJ Gomor and Maz) remix.
  • Uninvited Partners remix: The Uninvited Partners supply cool keys, deep reaching synths and chopped percussion on their revision..

Rob Warner « This is magic! »
Jon Lemmon « Very unique project overall, I really like it. Cool stuff for different moods. »
Kazuumi Ishii « All five mixes are good, but the original wins for me. »
DJ Morpheus « Cool stuff! »
Sammy Rock « Here we go with yet another hot relase on Lace Recordings. This time Mark O’Sullivan brings us « Murk », a deep electronic track with all the right elements to satisty any dancefloor. Full Support! »
Fish Go Deep « Nice release. »
Carsten Holm « Great beat. Nice melodic tune in it’s own monotone world! Beat in Manuel Perez’s remix is cruel! Goaz is making wonders! »
Silicone Soul « Great track, thank you for this! »
Desy Balmer « Top quality. Manuel Perez and Mourad are on fire (must be their connections to Nice & Nasty… Seriously good release. Full support. »
Paul Hamill/Psycatron « Liking this a lot, will support! »




Track listing

1. MUK1 (original)

2. MUK1 (Manuel Perez remix)

3. MUK1 (DJ Mourad remix)

4. MUK1 (Goaz remix)

5. MUK1 (Uninvited Partners remix)o The Rhythm (06:22)


  • Written and produced by Mark O’Sullivan and Patrik Hellberg.
  • Artwork by Joakim Persson.
  • All rights reserved. A Marendadisc production.


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