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25 octobre 2010

RAPH DUMAS – The Best Funk Of Your Life



Raph Dumas brings us a magic album that  celebrates DJ culture. In an age when peoplecan let technology do the mixing for them, Raph shows that the forgotten art of real DJing survives today. The Best Funk Of Your Life features that ‘human’ element, which is missing from many of today’s cold and calcuated productions and DJ sets. This album mixes up the best elements of funk, soul and jazz with contemporary electronic styles and sounds from far corners of the globe. It has the spontaneity of a DJ set and shows how skillful Raph has become during his career behind the decks.

During the last 15 years, Raph Dumas has done it all.  He counts record shop owner, label manager, DJ, stage performer and producer as his occupation. He has been a professional record spinner for over a decade and a half. His dedication behind the decks has given him the opportunity to spin records all over mainland Europe and beyond. He is very popular in France and Catalunya.

Raph Dumas made the logical step to become a producer and set up the Enjoy and Lace imprints, which were the first independant dance music labels in the Catalunya. Success followed with club records like Chicken Beats and Saturday, alongside fusion work with the likes of sax maestro Alex Augé as Jazzamix.  On the remix front, Raph has sprinkled magic dust on tracks by artists such as Hakan Lidbo, Manuel Perez and Alton Miller. More recently, he has recorded with famous musician Pascal Comelade and co-produced Renaud Papillon Paravel’s third album.

Dumas started the Primaveras project to celebrate the music of his grandfather and his Catalonian heritage. The Primaveras have been very successful. On record, they have released the acclaimed Ode To Tanguy Jo album in 2009 on Enjoy Recordings and a couple of 7 inch singles. The group’s music can be heard on radio in Catalunya everyday. For live shows, Dumas established a Catalonian orchestra named La Cobla Mil.Lenaria. They have played at numerous big events in Catalunya and in other regions of France. The Primaveras have been booked for Les Transmusicales de Rennes,  the biggest music festival in France.

Raph Dumas has not left DJing or club culture behind. In 2009, he put out Multi-Electronics and A Rare Toy on Lace Recordings. This leads us on to the album you see before you: The Greatest Funk Of Your Life. It reflects his coolness as a record spinner and his ability to give you “The best funk of your life” on the dancefloor. That is to say, a night on the tiles with Dumas is as an intense an experience as a night between the sheets with a great lover.


01. Interlude Culture: This is a quirky intro with scratches, spoken wordsand musical wobbles.

02. Umbalahh: Here is a very playful track with energetic drums, bright brass and impassioned vocals.

03. O’Spell: Funky keys, smart beats and a cool bass meet on this cut.

04. Tsuké: Tsuké is an infectious track with watery keys, fun guitars and whistles.

05. Bossa D’Espira: Thierry Lopez’s beautiful acoustic guitar work underpins this number, where irresistable keys and sweet vocals also feature.

06. Fourty Five: Isabelle Durel supplies jazzy vocals over playful keys and trotting drums on this track.

07. Break D’Enfant: This is an effortlessly cool interlude that talented DJs will be able to use in the mix.

08. Le Chanson Douce feat. Pascal Comelade: Lou Dumas supplies the sweet vocals, whilst Pascal Comelade’s ‘Toy Limited Orchestra’ creates musical riot on Le Chanson Douce.

09. La Piste Aux Étoiles: Here is a crazy little track that features funny keys and laughing drums.

10. Santa Spinna: Santa Spinna is an awesome fusion of traditional Catalunyan melodies and modern studio trickery. The Cobla Mil.Lenaria supply a minblowing horn arragement, whilst Raph brings bass and drums.

11. She Drinks Champagne: Alvina Red’s vocals are manipulated to perfection here, over snappy beats and a mean bassline.

12. Febre: This is another extremely funky cut, with smiling keys and smart beats.

13. Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi (feat. Nilco): Crazy keys and earnest beats meet behind Nilco’s sonorous vocal arrangement on this track.

14. Noma: African vocals, a tough bassline and enthralling keys dominate this effort.

15. Afraid Of Changes: Alex Augé’s sax soars over a funked out bassline and carefree keys on this floor filler.

16. Soul Full: An insistent beats and bass combo do the work on this moving number.

17. Blowing Crazy: Messy beats, smiling keys and sustained ‘blowing’ come together here.

18. The End: Isabelle Durel’s gorgeous vocals find a home alongside calming piano keys on this pretty cut.

19. Radio Outro: Heavy beats, taut strings and disembodied vocals from Virgine Saint Clair work wonders on this spectacular outro.


  • Written, produced and performed by Raphaël Dumas, except:
  • (03) performed by Raphaël Dumas/Sébastien Sanz/Patrick Félices
  • (04) performed by Raphaël Dumas/Thierry Lopez
  • (05) performed by Raphaël Dumas/Sébastien Sanz/Thierry Lopez
  • (06) performed by Raphaël Dumas/Isabelle Durel/Patrick Félices/Jordi Cantagril
  • (08) performed byRaphaël Dumas/Pascal Comelade/Lou Dumas/Patrick Félices/Erwan
  • (09) performed by Raphaël Dumas/Sébastien Sanz/Philippe Galéra
  • (10) performed by Raphaël Dumas/Cobla Mil.Lenaria
  • (11) performed by Raphaël Dumas/Johanna Forsström
  • (13) performed byRaphaël Dumas/Nicolas Moogin
  • (14) performed by Raphaël Dumas/Alex Augé/Max Solia
  • (15) performed by Raphaël Dumas/Alex Augé
  • (18) performed by Raphaël Dumas/Isabelle Durel
  • (19) performed by Raphaël Dumas/Virginie Saint Clair
  • Published by Melmax
  • Artwork by Jonty Champelovier
  • All rights reserved. A Marendadisc production

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