Commentaires fermés sur Enjoy Recordings

23 janvier 2014

Enjoy Recordings



Enjoy Recordings is not only another dance music label, it’s got something magic that no rational speech could justify…

If you are an ambitious DJ and want to be successful, you’ve got to play some of Enjoy releases. It’s the law! Let us explain you why:

Drop some of Enjoy’s tunes in your DJ sets and they will be credible at once, not only with connoisseurs, but also with every media guru who will eventually hail you as « the next big thing in club culture »… Then You will get all the attention you deserve and then be able to live the glamorous life you always dreamed of.

Big names DJs already know the trick, and the most honest of them will confirm that they would not have such impressive careers without the help of Enjoy recordings, that’s a fact.

Playing records on Enjoy have some side effect on your audience that need to be mentioned: Girls love them! There have been reported some scenes of hysteria next DJ booths, most often in Japan, but also in Saudi Arabia, where Enjoy recordings have been banned. It also happened the Vatican… We must warn you that Enjoy does not only affects girls… Be careful if you have to play rugby events after-parties. Enjoy records will make sure you will never return to your hotel alone after the gig. A DJ set using Enjoy recordings may be a bit risky…

Some of you may be already hooked on Enjoy, and we understand why. We recommend that you keeping on checking out releases on other dance labels and try to spice down your DJ-sets for a period. All these powerful Enjoy recordings are here to be used, not abused…

A certain number of superstar-DJs today depend on Enjoy releases in order to keep up their reputation, and it’s our duty to continue supplying them. There are a few major artists like Madonna, Cher and even Lisa Minelli, who wanted to release their music on Enjoy Recordings, but we had to say “No thanks Madam” as a matter of integrity. We do not wish to be accused of opportunism and try to stay true to our popular mission.

So if you aim to be the best in town or even take thing further, Enjoy recordings are the “must have” cultural piece that you should be talking about when socialising in a VIP room or at a Première. Stop being naïve, believing only your talent and your charisma can make things happen for you. If you are a cool DJ, you must “think Enjoy” and the world will at last be yours.

It is your choice, but bear in mind that life will never be the same after dropping your first “Enjoy”!