Commentaires fermés sur Lace Recordings

23 janvier 2014

Lace Recordings


We could make a big speech about how great and trendy our releases are, the importance of Lace Recordings’ artist roster in the scene, and about big-name DJ’s charting our releases etc…

But we won’t… We don’t need to. You’ll find out sooner or later anyway.

Lace Recordings is about spontaneous ideas, without plans or strategies.

The music talks for itself, and the thousands people buying Lace Recordings know what they are doing when they purchase them.

We are proud of Lace Recordings’ eclectic and elegant catalogue. We trust proper DJ’s will be playing Lace Recordings in order to offer quality entertainment in the form of techy tracks and soulful tunes…

Deep vibes and solid grooves are available on Lace Recordings, the rest is up to you.