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23 janvier 2014

Marendadisc Recording


Those who know the beauty of the Catalan Coast, know that it is obviously one of the most inspirational places on this planet.. Does the name Salvador Dali ring a bell? Marendadisc was born in the same area as the skilled painter.

This artist collective is mostly known overseas for its phonogram releases and music productions, It also supplies licensed material to established record labels like Pschent/Hotel Costes. Marendadisc produces large music and multimedia events in clubs and public venues in France and Spain.

Marendadisc started its own line of products since 2002 – simply as Marendadisc Recording.  The label has released CD compilations, and more recently digital/CD albums and singles, and also a few limited fruity 7’inches. Marendadisc’s music catalogue consists of contributions from artists already involved in partner labels like Enjoy or Lace Recordings, as well as introducing some exclusive signings and one off projects.

Many genres are considered being part of Marendadisc’s music policy: nu-jazz, modern-folk and world-beat, to electro-pop and soul-dance, all these genres fit together nicely and would work wonders on an iPod. Projects on this label are often created from collaborations between Catalan and foreign artists/producers. There is a spiritual connection between the artists and Côte Vermeille, which is known worldwide for excellent Banyuls and Collioure wines.

Marendadisc Recordings are worldwide distributed by Idol.