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11 juillet 2014

Alton Miller


Growing up in the 1970’s in the Motor City, Alton Miller was molded, shaped and reared on Stevie Wonder, Santana, Parliament Funkadelic and the Philadelphia sound…

It was during the early 80’s Alton became friends with a young Derrick May that he decided to start spinning records, citing DJs such as Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan and Timmy Regisford as prime influences.

By the latter part of the same decade, Miller joined forces with George Baker and Chez Damier to start the Music Institute, which was one of the epicentres of the underground House Movement, helping to create the musical volcano that erupted worldwide in 1988.

Between 1989 and 1991 he toured the world with his music. Alton’s affinities for rhythms inspired him to take up conga drumming, leading to an accompaniment for the locally based Katherine Dunham Dance Company. Drumming and its connections to rhythms of all music have proven to be influential to his musical growth…

He then joined forces once again with Derrick May, first as an employee of the artist’s Transmat Records label. Besides his EP on Transmat’s sub-label Fragile, Alton recorded “Pleasure Baby” for Serious Grooves/KMS Records. “I Like Having You” was a debut for his vocal talents. “Dusk” was recorded under the pseudonym Aphrodisiac and was critically acclaimed on both European and North American charts.

By the mid to late ’90s, he had increased his presence in the Detroit area through a number of DJ performances and a stream of stunning twelves.
Since his early recordings Alton has amassed worldwide success and exposure as a House music producer or DJ, and he has recorded and released music for some of the best independent labels in the industry. Guidance Recordings and BPM Records were plateaus for Alton’s inner growth as a musician and songwriter / producer.
Past and recent releases include recordings for Planet E, King Street/Nitegrooves, Trackmode Records, Moods and Grooves and KDJ. Alton teamed up with vocalist / playwriter Dorothea Sharon on their debut single “Glory” for the Japanese label Life Line Records.

Alton debuted on Peacefrog in 2003, with his first album “Stories from Bohemia”, a powerful, moving collection of mature jazz tinged, soulful house grooves with flavours of African and roots music… The release of “Chose to Believe” (Original full vocal) and “My Life” on Deeper Soul Recordings out of Chicago debuted at nr 42 on the DJ Mag Breaks and Beats chart. The recent release of “Abstract Messages” (feat Enid) on Seasons Limited, or his album “Souls Like Mine” on R2/BBE, has also strengthen his position as one of the most influential leader of thedeep-house/nu-jazz scene in the world.

Altons remix credits to date include: Sean Deason’s « Allegory Metaphor » on Intuit-Solar, Jacob Desvarieux’s « An Di Adie » on Distance, Kenny Carvel’s « Rise  » (featuring the late John Redmond) on Music 101 and Llorca’s “I Cry” featuring Mandel Tuner on F-com.