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11 juillet 2014



Calico Biography

Born in the early 70’s, he discovered music in the early 80’s when hearing the sounds of Depeche Mode, Yello and Ultravox. At the tender age of 15 he landed his first dj-gig at a venue in his small home town of Vara. It was, however, when involved in a local radio station where the passion for creating mix-tapes and being a dj grew.
Through mutual friends he met DJ Mourad in the mid-90’s and together they more or less shaped The Lodge, a monthly club in the south west of Sweden. They formed Chrismour Project a few years later as an outlet for their mutual passion for the Detroit Techno sound. 

One thing led to another and Calico soon met Manuel Perez who received some of his tracks, and without an official release yet Calico appeared live at the Hultsfred Festival in 1996 Sweden. This in turn led to the first release on Svek Records, “Unfinished Diary Chapter One”. More releases did follow on various Swedish labels (G-Force, Solid Beat and Facets among others), both as a solo artist and with the Chrismour Project.
While exploring other sides of the musical spectra (apart from his signature deep house style and techno) he introduced a more eclectic project, Christian Djor, and the track “After Shave” was included on a sampler Manuel’s Wrong Steps imprint. A full EP was in the works but was never fully realized.
Calico moved for two years to Seattle in the late 90’s, and got in contact with DJ Dennis (Selekta Recordings) as well as with Marcel Schooler (Khaimar). The latter helped him land two releases for two sub-labels of SFP in Miami, Deep Touch and Filtered. A taped copy of the track “Feeling You Inside” even found its way to a Tony Humphries online mix-tape before officially released on Deep Touch.
Back in Sweden at the beginning of the new millennium, Calico continued producing and had a release on Swedish label Audio Beyond in 2002 before putting music production on hold for a few years due to work and family life. He did however keep afloat during the last decade with some remix jobs (Robert Miles, Swedish industrial band Covenant, German pop band Riviera to name a few) and a digital release via Selekta Recordings in 2008.
Calico has played along artists and dj’s like Larry Heard, Cari Lekebusch, Bandulu, Alexi Delano, Donald Glaude, Olivier Le Castor, Max Reich, Samuel L Session and Fabrice Lig at venues both in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and the US.
Calico has recently started producing new material as well as refining and polishing up on old productions in order to release them to the world.

Calico Discography
Calico / Unfinished Diary Chapter One / Svek
Chrismour Project / Summernight In Tunisia / Gforce
Calico / Hijo de Puta / Solid Beat
Calico / Basic Funk EP / Deep Touch
Calico / Le Freak & Do You Wanna Bump / Filtered
Calico / Laconic Elements EP / Audio Beyond
Calico / Moonlight Rhythms EP / Selekta Recordings

Fredrik Stark / Cheezwiz / Lace Recordings

Covenant / Ritual Noise (Calico RMX) / Metropolis
C. Djor / After Shave / Wrong Steps Sampler Vol. 3 / Wrong Steps
Calico / Motiv 8 / Blue Night – The House Party / UCA Records
Calico / Earth & Stone / United Efforts Vol. 3 / Facets
Chrismour Project / Art of Dancing / Gothenburg House Music / Eloge
Calico / The Accomplishment / The Golden Room Vol. 1 / Disturbance
Calico / Blue Skies / Tech House Vol. 2 / Choice Productions
Calico / Night Flight / Travel Mate / Serial Killer Vinyl