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11 juillet 2014

DJ Gomor


Analog warfare & Acid Funky freak

.. Dj Gomor, Nice kalendar, Seq9, Aerosoul Also called Schoffmann Anthony.
His father was one of the first juke box Wurlitzer dealer and his mother a fan of Motown , Gainsbourg and « messe pour le temps present » of Pierre Henry for Béjart.
The apple never falls very far from the tree! It is at the age of 12 that Gomor begun djing while picking in the family collection and their vinyl which could not be heared in the last pub « à.la.mode » « not being enough TOP50″! as well better because that significated that the 1st 45t of Coldcut would remain in his hands to be placed in his red colored penny slot-in record player.
After that came time when Gomor being delivered to itself made its own musical choices : Jean-jaques Perrey « no, dad has it already », Kraftwerk « dad has it , too  » what a fuck ! : what to choose? The answers arrived very quickly: Acid House, New Beat, Chicago trax, Detroit techno and Fnac records made in France by Garnier and Shazz! Later he begun to produce his own music while recovering keys, tb303 of the groups of Waltz eager to replace their Bass player « but it is not a good sound of low this trick: with the dustbin 303! » « Sorry! please ? may i recover it  » said dj Gomor « .
Not as too many people in French touch whose material had to be paid by Dad and Mom, Dj Gomor boss of recycling was consequently put to reproduce the funk music, which he listened to in the belly of his mother, with the means he had : 808 as a battery, CZ 5000 for the guitar « hey but it is almost like Cybotron » A few years after he is a considered DJ, who plays in the corner of the 3 borders « France, Switzerland, Germany », where he has the chance of playing with musicians who made him dream formerly! He became very quickly an artist teared off by the organizers ! today he plays house and techno mixed with the old school vinyls from his collection.
At the end of 2007 he starts also a new records label called : Natural undergroove resources ( N.U.R records ) and signed artists like : Pascal Brockly , le K , Knor , Dop , Kira neris , Dj Innerstep , Madnus&Scogil & more…….. A history to be followed……………………….
Many releases are coming on label like : Fluid ounce (UK) , Revolver (Canada) , Natural undergroove resource (France) , Neverending records ( France ) , Rachdingue (Spain) , Criminal beat cartel ( France / Germany ) & some other …….

Selected discography

Singles & EP

Dj Gomor / Cage torazik / Fluid ounce records

Dj Gomor / Hair bag / Tru thoughts

Dj Gomor / Trottoir flash blotzheim / Tru thoughts

Seq 9 / Interstellar frequency part.2 / Tru thoughts

Dj Gomor / D’accord pas d’accords / Revolver records

Seq 9 / Licorne / Fluid ounce records

Seq 9 / One of us / Tru thoughts

Aerosoul / On a little cloud ( pornogroove edit ) / Fluid ounce records

Aerosoul / So boogie acid / Tru thoughts

Nice Kalendar / Iso / Fluid ounce records

Goaz aka Gomor & Maz / London ( club mix ) / Criminal beat cartel

Dj Gomor / Black magic woman EP / Neverending records

Dj Gomor / untitled / Neopren records

Goaz aka Gomor & Maz / Fever / Investigation music lovers

Dj Gomor / Banyuls EP / Lace rec.

Remix & Edit

Catalepsia / I have no idea / Métis recordings

Citizen kain & Phuture traxx / Tan guapa / Neverending records

Madnus & Scogil / Tiergarten / Youppala

Jaumetic & Citizen kain / Criminal / Regular records

Theo Moritz / The drunken old man / Superhuit

Dave da Gato / Carbon / Fluid ounce

Zed Bias / Boomerang / Sick trumpet

Kira neris / A frozen second / Faces records

Yann Thiersen / La valse d’amélie / Black label

Suzanne Vega / Tom’s diner / Black label

Karl Off / Solarized / Anorak supersport

Coldcut / True skool / Ninja tune

Hakan Libdo / Love to me / Enjoy records

Mark o Sullivan / Muk1 / Lace records