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11 juillet 2014

Franck De Villeneuve


Lace Recordings is welcoming Toulouse native Franck de Villeneuve in Catalunya with a first fruitful collaboration: his remix of Raph Dumas’ « A Rare toy ». Before so he has already released tracks and remixes for labels like Mil Records (Mexico), Sonic360 (UK), Nettwerk (US), Heads+Arms (US), Loukoum (France), Da-Traxx (France), Side FX (China), Rachdingue (Spain) or Hypnotic Room (Australia).

DJ and composer of electronic music since the early 90s, as well as composer and sound designer for diverse projects in Contemporary art, events, movies or TV documentaries, Franck de Villeneuve has also collaborated with other artists like Laurence Martinez (violonist of Laurent Garnier) on an Ambient project, and he is currently working on a new live show involving visuals and dance-acts with performer Freeda.

He is also renown over Europe as a fine DJ who has played alongside artists like Miss Kittin, Paul Kalkbrenner, M.A.N.D.Y., Marc Romboy, Luke Slater, John Dahlback, Valentino Kanzyani, Steve Law aka Zen Paradox, Agoria, Clara Moto, MyMy, Juan Trip, Mlle Caro, Electric Rescue, Laurent Hô, Zen Paradox, DJ Paulette, Jonhatan Jewel, John Thomas, Marco Bailey, Tonio, Djul’z, Miloch, Angel Molina, Sergio Patricio, Jack de Marseille, (…).






1996 F2F Live-Act

1997 Festival of the Experimental Film Cinema

1998 Take no Logic Live-Act

1998 Amae BMG publishing

1999 Drumatik Live-Act

1999 DJ tools for progressive vibes Self-prod

1999 Just married FNAC

2000 Giant swarm remix MIL records

2000 l’Homme nouveau City of space

2000 Alchimie Art Gallery

2001 Giant swarm remix SONIC360

2001 Sound designs for ICOM Television

2001 MewiMewi Live-Act

2001 RAVE Art installation

2002 Les souliers rouges Theatre

2002 Sound designs for ICOM Television

2002 Sound design for Sincever Radio

2002 Electro large sens Self-prod

2003 Le chemin Art installation

2003 Inconnu à cette adresse Theatre

2003 Petite histoire de fête Theatre

2003 Sound designs for ICOM Television

2003 Melting-Pot Self-prod

2004 The hands Live-Act

2004 De passage CD-ROM

2004 Sound designs for ICOM Television

2004 Petite lumière Cinema

2005 U_Main Live-act

2005 Sound designs for ICOM Television

2005 Sound designs for Anagram Television

2006 True tone deVil mix Rachdingue

2006 Ana’s groove Loukoum records

2006 Sound designs for ICOM Television

2006 Sound designs for Anagram Television

2006 Le corps en jeu Theatre

2007 deVil E.P. Loukoum records

2007 Sound designs for ICOM Television

2007 Toulouse Natural Museum of History Music

2007 Tek diving Television

2007 New generation deVil mix Loukoum records

2008 Noise cut Head records

2008 LA FF Live-Act

2008 Music for SNCF Internal Documentary

2008 Money-fact DA-TRAXX

2008 Music for TV Documentary

2008 Conscient EP SideFX

2008 ICOM Television

2008 sound design JPCOSTE Brand

2008 sound design exhibition Art

2008 remix for Raph Dumas Marendadisc

2008 Urban Diva DA-TRAXX

2008In a RAVE wayDA-TRAXX