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11 juillet 2014



Nice started his career as a DJ in the mid-nineties while he turned his attention towards Acousmatic music, which he studied under Denis Dufour. He then became an interpreter of the Acousmonium Motus as well as keeping a keen interest for the world of electronic music.

Attracted by a mixture of creative universes, he officiates the dressing of sound through many different means: fashion shows, installations, contemporary dance… His compositions are laced with his experience, and we can immediately feel his love of precise, chiselled sounds that – combined with a strangeness and fantasy – are the psychedelic expression of his creative liberty.

Nice unleashed his first production in 1999, the funky track « Sport & Detente » on the very first release of Lace Recordings. Two house singles followed up under the project name Babydoll (Enjoy Recordings) with Raph Dumas. Many releases in various styles came out since those days, with outstanding work on labels like Wrong Steps, Ruby Breakfast, Karat Records, Soulsoleil, Very Important Music, VirMinisketch, Feinwerk, Stickymouk, Force Inc, DTC Records, Famille Electro…

As a DJ, Nice plays eclectic and electric sets all over Europe, mixing minimal, house, funky techno and other hidden gems. To be listened and danced to, his fresh mix keeps the dance-floor banging and he leaves his audience tired out but always smiling!

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– DAVE DEE NICE / Sport et Détente / Lace Recordings

– BABYDOLL / Chicken Beats / Enjoy Recordings

– DEE NICE / Tchanox / Cyanogène Records

– BABYDOLL / Saturday / Enjoy Recordings

– ELECTRODANSE / T.G.L. / Balistik

– E-DENSE / Robi 1 k / RubyBreakfast

– E-DENSE / 3men / RubyBreakfast

– ELECTRODANCE / Oldies but goodies / Wallis PROD

– NICE / Amme (MP3) / VirMinisketch

– NICE / Sous Le Soleil (MP3) / Karat Records

– NICE / Anzymes (MP3) / Very Important Music

– NICE / Woodywood (MP3) / Famille Electro Records

– 4 ROBOTS – The Robot Connection / Rollin’ To Absynthsk / Force INC

– NICE / Furoz (MP3) / Spontan-Musik

– NICE / On The Green / Feinwerk Rec

– NICE / On The Green (MP3) / Feinwerk Rec


– D. BEHAR & RAPHAEL DUMAS / Bluesless / Wrong Steps

– NICE / From Perpignan To Mainz / Spontan Musik

– NICE / Slave’s To Edit The Remix / DTC Records


– D. BEHAR / Sport Et Détente / Sixeleven Records

– BABYDOLL / Saturday / E-FrenchSound

– DAVID DEE NICE / Edenless / Apricot Records

– NICE / Furoz (MP3) / Micromix

– NICE / J’habite Dans L’Beat / Stickymouk Records

– NICE / Woodywood (MP3) / Famille Electro Records